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Super Return of The Jedi

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Level hints


Sent in by Kevin Billings TFGBMN Endor HJMKPL Ewok Village QGTHGD Power Generator PSVZKL Death Star Interior SFPYSW Tower CGGYQM Death Star Tunnel KFGZXQ Death Star Escape
Sent in by Sean Hollister SNKMTD Jabba's Palace RWVJBC Jabba's Sail Barge Click here

Level hints

Sent in by Sean Hollister


In the Desert Level, if you exit the first half of the level at the bottom, then from the ledge you drop down and left, you will land on another ledge which has an Extra Life! A tip for killing enemies, is to jump just over their head, and catch them with the tip of your Lightsaber, using a Superjump. You then fall down, hitting them again. Usually the creatures take only two Superjump hits. In Jabba's Palace, there is a Pit with a full heart over it. To get the heart without falling in, do a small jump just over it, and Superjump over the pit catching the heart on the way. To Defeat Bib Fortuna, jump behind him, and repeatedly Strike him. To Defeat The Rancor, Superjump Repeatedly, just behind the head. In the Sail Barge Level, be Leia. In this level only, she has the Morning star. You can just hold down the button, and she will deliver more damage then the Light saber. When you're at the second part of the Elevator above the Pit, up to your right there's a ledge. Jump to it and Proceed to the right. Above you there's a series of ledges leading to a chamber with a Weapon power-up and a full Heart. If you drop Down and left, there is a ledge with an Extra Life! Once on the Deck of the Sail Barge, there is a bridge with a full Heart below it. Kneel down and hit to brake it. To defeat Boba Fett, repeatedly Superjump when he uses his Jetpack, and when he comes down, repeatedly strike him. To Defeat Jabba The Hutt, use a Superjump to get over him, damaging him on the way, Then when he comes back, get In the middle of his body and STRIKE. It won't take long.


For the Speeder Bikes Level, maneuver around the trees while avoiding the Impiral Speeders. When they go foreword, get behind him and fire. Don't always go for the hearts, sometimes there are trees right behind them. In the Ewok Village, there's an extra life at the top of the Left Tree. To Defeat the Ewok Village boss stay in one place. When the bike comes on it's rounds, shoot it diagonally and vertical. For the Shield Generator, you find that it easier to jump enemies then to shoot them all down. Also, there are elevators that you need to push Up to activate. For the boss, dodge the shots by jumping to a higher platform when it shoots high, and shooting it diagonally When it moves to shoot low.

Death Star

After the second set of stairs, there is a big pit with a ledge leading left. At the end is an extra life! To defeat the Robot, just hit him when he's over the ledge and grab the heart when it falls. To Immobilize Vader, Superjump over him while he's doing Saberplay, and Superjump him when he jumps into the air. Warning: Do not try to out saber Vader. It doesn't work like in the movie. In the Emperor's tower, you get the feeling he wants to keep you out. When you get to the fourth elevator, don't go up it yet, instead, go left as far as you can. Drop off the ledge and right. You will find an extra life! Here are the attack patterns of the Royal Guard: Wait, Floor shock, Small wait, Slide, Wait. Superjump him while he's wasting time. The Emperor: Hover to where he saw you last, shock in several directions, Including the one where he saw you after he finished hovering, Repeat until you kill him. Superjump him when he hovers toward you, dodge his shots, or better yet, find a place where he can't hit you, repeat.

Millennium Falcon

Here are the controls: Up, to go up, for flying over dark pipes Down, to go down, for flying under light pipes B, to fire lasers A, to accelerate, for not getting engulfed by flames on your way out Left and right, turn your angle as much as 90 Degrees A cool little trick: Use left or right until you get an angle you like, then hold Up or Down to hold the angle. Good when you need to fly Sideways.

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