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Super web Pumpkin bomb locations Hobgoblin Venom Passwords

Super web

Sent in by Rogue 3 Its above Venom at the docks (or above the door at the end of the docks) after you defeat the Lizard. You must swing from the other side to it.

Pumpkin bomb locations

Sent in by Rogue 3 At the start, go right, and watch out for those killer dogs. there are bombs in the area at the right. When you diffuse them(by touching them) swing to the bar above the big door. Jump into the bomb above you, then swing to a pipe on the left. crawl near the first bomb near the pipe. to diffuse, get to the side and shoot some web. Your hand will touch the bomb. Continue up the pipe. swing to the other pipe on the left when you see the bomb on it. Diffuse the 2 bombs on the pipe. Then drop below on the big pipe. go under it, run to the wall. Diffuse the bomb on your way. Climb up the green wall. Drop to the right side of the wall, diffuse the bomb, and climb back up. Then swing to the left on the floor. run left, diffusing the bombs. swing on the scaffold-like things, then diffuse the bomb on it. Keep swinging to the last scaffold, then diffusing the bombs. Drop below the the big pipe, then go under it. Climb up the wall, then diffuse two bombs on opposite walls. Then go on the scaffold near the ceiling, and diffuse the bomb, drop below two floors, then run left to the exit. Diffuse the last bomb. Click here


Sent in by Rogue 3 This method isn't for the patient. Wait on the opposite side of where the hobgoblin appears. When he comes near you, jump then press B to kick the Hobgoblin. But try not to land on the explosion. Another way is to stand on the crate when the Hobgoblin comes from the left, and swing and kick while you swing at him. (Press B while swinging when near Hobby) when he charges at you, web him and he won't hurt you.


Sent in by Rogue 3 When you fight venom at the daily bugle, you can get as far away as you can, than web him with Super Web. It dose damage and immobilizes him, so you can keep shooting until he dies. Its cheap, but it can work.


Sent in by Norfleet GVCBF Venom defeated QVCLF Venom and the Lizard defeated G-FGN Lab

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