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Powerpuff Girls: Battle Him

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Passwords Townsville Dump level


ELBO Power-up CLIPP Extra legal pads GOGETBUTCH Utonium Chateau level BEATBRICK Townsville Skies level LUMPKINS Buttercup graphics MISSKEANE Blossom graphics MCCRACKEN Mayor graphics MALPHS Art Museum trading card HOTLINE Boogie Man trading card ICEBREATH Boomer trading card POWERPUFF Evil Cat trading card MRSBELLUM Rainbow The Clown trading card PRINCESS Townsville City Hall trading card RUFFBOYS or Talking Dog trading card BIGBILLY TOYSPOWER or Townsville trading card TALKINGDOG

Townsville Dump level

Play the Utonium Chateau level, defeat Butch, then go to the hearts which let you know you have completed the level. Once that is done, go to the play option and press Left. The Townsville Dump level will be now be available. On this stage, you will fight Boomer.

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