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Power Mission

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Power up your Fleet


Sent in by Ben Bryan BYRBYD Sewall Island LTNGTH Deadly Eight CHRRGM Sea Chamber TW7ST7 Swamp Land 6PTRTS Cursed Straits 55T5D5 Innocent Sea C90VDP Twilight Island BWFWLS Diamond Island BYRWGY Dragon Channel LRDMR1 Last Mission

Power up your Fleet

Sent in by Christopher Michael Flanagan Choose your Fleet formation and end your turn. Don't carry out any battle plans. While the Enemy Fleet is moving, press and hold Left, Select, and B. When it is your turn to move, your Fleet will be fully built up, you can power up your Fleet to 99 Hit Points at any time, unlimited movement unless the vessel is in shallow water, and you can surround and destroy the enemy Flag Ship in two turns.

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