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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

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Unlocking Secret Pokemon Extra options

Unlocking Secret Pokemon

Sent in by Victreebel Besides the three Pokemon you begin with, you can also unlock several other Pokemon to use in the different game modes. They'll make Challenge mode a lot easier, because they act like extra lives! Here's the list of Pokemon you can unlock. In order to get these Pokemon, you must meet these requirements on Challenge Mode on Normal difficulty or higher, before you battle Clair. A Trainer will appear, and if you beat him/her, you'll win the Pokemon. Pikachu - Easy one, just create a combo consisting of six or more blocks. Togepi - Similar to Pikachu, except you must create a combo of more than ten blocks. Watch the demos to see some ways of getting 11-block and higher combos. Marill - Create a Chain of four or more combos. Again, watch the demos to get an idea of how Chains work. Sentret - This is the hardest. You must create a Chain of more than seven combos. This is extremely hard, however, and if you can pull it off, you are a very skilled player! Bellossom - Finish a stage in under 25 seconds. It's easier if you try to do this on the first three or so stages, as the later stages are more difficult. Pichu - Pretty much the opposite of Bellossom, you must spend at least four minutes on a single stage to earn Pichu. This is MUCH harder than it sounds, as you must actually avoid getting large combos and chains so you don't knock out your opponent before the four minutes are up. Again, you should attempt this on the early stages, as the later stages move so quickly you probably won't be able to last four minutes. There are also four Pokemon Eggs that will hatch by clearing levels in Puzzle Mode. The baby Pokemon inside are Igglybuff, Cleffa, Magby, and Elekid. You can't use the baby Pokemon in Challenge Mode, however you can use them in Marathon, Garbage, Time Zone, and Vs. Modes.

Extra options

Sent in by Victreebel Press Select + A on the Options screen to open up some extra Options.

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