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Motorcars Maniacs

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Invisible Power-Ups Hitch Hikers UnderGround Shortcut

Invisible Power-Ups

Sent in by Ethan On some jumps, if do a flip (hold left) you will pick up an invisible power-up box called a Jet. Click here

Hitch Hikers

Sent in by Ethan If you do a flip off of some jumps, these little hitchhikers will follow you. If you finish with them you get points, but once you crash, you lose them all.

UnderGround Shortcut

Sent in by Ryan Woodward Locate the loop that is halfway through the first lap of Route 2A. There is dirt on the left and a ramp to the right. At this location, press B 4 times while on the loop. You will go underground after exiting the loop.

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