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Mortal Kombat 2

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Speed up counter
Fight Jade
Fight Smoke
Game Genie codes

Speed up counter

Sent in by Neal During any level, press up + punch to speed up the counter.

Fight Jade

Sent in by CJ You know that in the one player line up their is a question mark? This is a person you can fight by doing the following: During your second round against the fighter before the question mark you must only kick, you may block but you must not punch!!! After you have beaten the fighter, you should be whisked away to fight Jade. (If done correctly.) Click here

Fight Smoke

Sent in by Cole Justesen In the "Pit 2" scene, when the man's head pops out of the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, press Down + Start. This will automatically take you to fight Smoke (even in the middle of a fight).


Sent in by Cole Justesen Fatality Moves Liu Kang: down, toward, away, away, kick Sub Zero: 1st part: toward, toward, down, kick 2nd part: toward, down, toward, toward, punch Shang Tsung: Hold block press up, down, punch Kitana: press block 4 times(4x), kick Jax: Hold buttons B + A press toward, toward, toward Mileena: Hold kick button for 3 seconds (might have to get within tripping zone of opponent) Scorpion: Hold block press up, up, punch
Sent in by Michael Tran Jax is able to do his fatality twice. Rather then holding P + K, then pressing forward, forward, forward for the normal fatality, you should stand sweeping distance away from your opponent and jump toward them while doing the fatality in the air. This will make Jax do the fatality in the air and on the ground.
Sent in by Chris Fatality for reptile. Forceball plus the fatality: stand all the way back from the person then push back, back, A + B, then quickly push back, back, down, B.
Sent in by Chris Flint Reptile's finishing move: B, B, D, P Mileena's finishing move: Hold K for 3 seconds, release K
B Back F Forward D Down U Up P Punch K Kick HP High Punch LP Low Punch HK High Kick LK Low Kick BL Block

Liu Kang

High Fireball F, F, P Low Fireball D, F, P Flying Kick F, F, K Bicycle Kick Hold K for 3 sec. Finishing Move D, F, B, B, K Babality D, D, F, B, K Spikes B, F, F, K


Fan Toss F, F, P+K Fan Swipe B + P Fan Lift B, B, B, P Squarewave D, B, P Finishing Move BL, BL, BL, K Babality D, D, D, K Spikes F, D, F, K


Acid Spit F, F, P Force Ball B, B, P + K Power Slide B + P + K Invisibility BL + U, U, D, P Babality D, B, B, K Spikes D, F, F, B + L


Spear B, B, P Decoy Punch D, B, P Air Throw BL in air Finishing Move BL + U, U, P Babality D, B, B, K Spikes D, F, F, BL


Teleport Kick F, F, K Roll Kick B, B, D, K Sai Throw Hold P for 2 sec. Finishing Move Hold P for 3 sec. Babality D, D, D, K Spikes F, D, F, P


Gotcha F, F, P Energy Wave F, D, K Ground Smash Hold P for 3 sec. Back Breaker BL in air Finishing Move Hold K + F, F, F, F then release K Babality D, U, D, U, K Spikes BL, U, U, D, K


Deep Freeze D, F, P Ground Freeze D, B, K Power Slide B + P + K Finishing Move F, F, D, K then F, D, F, F, P Babality D, B, B, K Spikes D, F ,F, BL

Shang Tsung

1 Fireball B, B, P 2 Fireballs B, B, F, P 3 Fireballs B, B, F, F, P Liu Kang Morph B, F, F, BL Sub-Zero Morph F, D, F, K Kitana Morph BL, BL, BL Reptile Morph BL +U, D, U Mileena Morph Hold P for 2 sec. Scorpion Morph BL + U, D, U Jax Morph D, F, B, P Finishing Move BL + U D, P Babality B, F, D, K Spikes BL + D, D, U, P

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Flash 300-5F9-08C When scorpion everybody you fight acts like Jade. 458-888-ABA Switch first two digits and you will morph (the one given is when Lui Kang is Shao Koun) must press down. 620-02A-34C Jump high. 660-02A-34C Cant jump very high. 100-23C-888 Longer fatality timer. 998-888-ABA Changes Music to sound cool! 13B-CEE-6E9 Fighters are down, try it it's cool!! CDE-FBB-1DD When you do a super move it locks up. AB9-BAB-080 When you uppercut someone they go strait up and down so it's easy to kill them. 00B-11B-DCB Block fighters 099-1AB-ECB Earthquake mode ***-7AE-A2A + 3E1-79E-4CA + E01-7BE-2A9 After first match you will fight the selected opponent forever! 0C1 Kitana 0B1 Jax 091 Sub Zero FOF Jade 0A1 Mileena 0E1 Reptile 081 Shao Kaun 071 Shang Tsung 021 Liu Kang

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