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Monster Rancher Battle Card GB

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Sent in by Sometimes when you beat Holly, she will give you Feather as your reward. Its description is, "Event Item- Can be traded for rare card" but if you try to trade it to Mac, he will ask you for the password. There are actually many passwords which will each give you a different card. The passwords are listed below: Password Card Type TECMOINC Pheonix Monster POKEDEAD Retreat All Monsters BOMBJACK Grand End All Monsters BADMOO Take Over All Monsters TSBFTBLL Fainted Breeder KAGERO Twinkling Breeder ASTARTE Reborn Breeder DRKDLSN Beak Pheonix Power Skill STRFRCE Talons Pheonix Power Skill TIMENOID Flameshot Pheonix Smart Skill HAYABUSA Hurricane Pheonix Smart Skill SCRTSTR Typhoon Pheonix Smart Skill GENKIBOY Fire River Pheonix Smart Skill GLDPEACH Fire Beam Pheonix Smart Skill DOAGIRLS Fire Wave Pheonix Smart Skill SOLOMON Mys Power Pheonix Special BTLCARD Hide Head Pheonix Defense JCK YRCR Insight Pheonix Dodge SUEZOEYE Perceive Pheonix Dodge

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