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Mickey Mouse: Magic Wand

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How do you beat the fish?


Sent in by Steve BVCK Level 2 FXLL Level 3 GRWN Level 4 WHVT Level 5 BZSS Level 6 CZCK Level 7 DRWP Level 8 BXLK Level 9 HWNT Level 10 SLVP Fire Demon SPZT Level 11 BLZW Level 12 GRWP Level 13 TRVP Level 14 BWLL Level 15 WVLK Level 16 DRZP Level 17 FLVG Level 18 HZST Level 19 TQPY Level 20 JXMP Fish Demon MQLT Level 21 FRYT Level 22 RQNT Level 23 LQST Level 24 JXRY Level 25 MQND Level 26 SQLL Level 27 TWCK Level 28 NWCK Level 29 SZFT Level 30 PQCK Earthquake Demon YVRD Level 31 RQST Level 32 SZLD Level 33 FRZM Level 34 THVN Level 35 CQNT Level 36 PZST Level 37 HQRS Level 38 SWLK Level 39 CHWP Level 40 JZWL The Wizard

How do you beat the fish?

Sent in by Michael Harrington It looks complicated, but it's really very simple. First, that big salmon will poke his head out of the lake and spit at you. Duck or jump. Then he'll sink back into the lake. Quickly, with your Frezze Wand, make a bridge on top of the lake. If you manage to do it from one end of the lake to the other, you'll succeed and make the fish surrender. Then you can grab the Ice Cube Wand, save Goofy and move on to the level.

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