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Metroid 2: Return of Samus

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Secret worlds
Game Genie codes

Secret worlds

Sent in by Jesse Davidson To enter secret worlds, you must first move along any wall or floor (preferably a vertical wall, falling down as a ball). Now while moving, continuously press the select button on your Game Boy as fast as you possibly can (I mean, make your arm shake like a sugar rush). Now as you're continuously pressing the select button as rapidly as you possibly can while moving along, you should notice shifts in the walls, and even the occasional accidental hole. If you can enter the hole, then you're in! But, be forewarned that most places in the game that you try this will make you end up stuck in a wall, where you'll then have to reset the game. The "Select Trick" (rapid pressing of the select button) works best if you are falling straight down as a ball. This way you don't have to hold down on any direction on your D-pad. While falling as a ball, you can enable the spider ball to stop yourself before you fall to far and lose a hole in the wall. The "Select Trick" works best on the original Game Boy model. On Game Boy Pockets and Game Boy Colors, the "Select Trick" is much harder to perform.

Game Genie codes

AFE-79B-A9F At the very start of the game, you start with the Bombs, Spider Ball, Space Jump, High Jump Boots, and Screw Aattack. FFE-7EB-A9F Start with about 165 Missiles. ACE-7DB-A9F Energy from enemies gives you 99 Life, if you don't have an Energy Tank.
Sent in by William Silver 544-34B-9A0 Energy tanks, Missile tanks, and stuff like Spider Ball and Ice Beam, come back when you leave the screen. Makes Metroid's come back too.

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