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Kingdom Crusade

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Revive a character
Protect your castles

Revive a character

Sent in by Crusader To revive a character, you do not use the battle screen. Instead, on the map screen, put your cursor over a character with a pendant. Push Select-B until the pendant is flashing in the spells/attributes box, and then push Select-A. A screen will come up asking you which "hero" you would like to revive. Select one by pushing A and then place it *anywhere* on the map screen that is claimed by you. It will place that character there and the character will have all the spells, attributes, and health that he had before the fight that killed him. Oh, by the way, a sound will also be made, alerting you and any other player that you have revived someone. The computer does this also.

Protect your castles

Sent in by Michael Cleveland To protect your castles, make sure you keep at least one character on or adjacent to them Speed is important. Attack before you get attacked. Listen to the sounds, you'll hear a tone when enemies advance into your territory.

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