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Harvest Moon 2

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Quick and easy way to make Money

Quick and easy way to make Money

Sent in by Landon As soon as you have 2000G, you should go and buy the fishing rod at the hardware store. Once you have it, equip it and go down to the river below your house. Fish in the area right beneath the bin (remember to press A when the rod dips down). Now take every fish you catch and put it in the bin. this is the best way other than planting renewable crops that I know to make money. If you start fishing at 8:00 AM and continue to fish until the buyer comes, you can easily make 2000G per day. But it gets even better once you get a horse. After the first year, your horse should grow up. Buy the saddle for 1000G at the hardware store, then go back to the farm and get some lumber. Make a fence in the shape of an "n" right next to the river. Then bring your horse down to the river and jump over the fence with it. The horse is now trapped in the fence. Hop off and start fishing. With the horse having nowhere to run, you can easily get a fish, turn around, and dump it in the saddlebag of the horse! This yields about 4000 to 5000G each day! Keep this up and you'll have quick and easy cash in no time!

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