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Fist of the North Star

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Boss tip

Sent in by Adem Agolli This works with everyone that can shoot at least 2 fireballs and works against the computer but not when against Heart or Uygur. When the match starts, immediately press A and hold to charge up your aura while jumping away from your enemy. Shoot your fire balls at the computer and they will stop and dodge by either jumping or ducking but will get hit sooner or later as you keep charging and shooting your fire balls (will jumping away and keeping a distance between the com). Thats when you begin exchanging fire balls with the computer. Just keep jumping there's and they will jump yours and almost always get hit by at least one of the fire balls you shoot.


Sent in by Adem Agolli 0V6 QA7V, 9Y4 I8Z4 Kenshiro at Level 11, Han at Level 10, and Raoh at Level 2.
XKP 72QN VHR JGU5 Last Stage

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