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Final Fantasy Legend 3

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Finding the Masmuras and E-Ray
Mystic Sword Locations
Underwater City
Get a lot of experience points and money
Secret room in Chaos Castle
Game Genie codes

Finding the Masmuras and E-Ray

Sent in by Blake While in the underworld cave, search the northern part of the lava for something that looks like a large hole. In there is a shrine of some type, which contains both the Muramas and the E-Ray.


Sent in by Ethan When you enter Castle Chaos, there are escalators in front of you. Counting from the left, take the second escalator. While going up, keep walking to the right. You should walk into a secret room with a chest inside. Inside that chest is an elixir. Castle Chaos is underwater so you'll need the dive spell to get there. Click here

Mystic Sword Locations

Sent in by Ethan The Durend Sword is at the top of Mt. Hasbad. You have to fight Guya to get it. Xcalibr is in Zhakal. Now, enter the underworld, and go to the mushroom complex furthest south. The EMBLEM is there. Now go to Crevasse Cave inside is the cursed Sword of Murasmas. Don't use it. It damages you as much as anyone else. Head to the southeast now, and you'll find a cave entrance. Inside is a chest containing the OIL. Save this for the AEGIS shield later. Now leave the Crevasse and go up top again. Play around in the West Tower until you find the chest containing CRYSTAL. Find the entrance to the Overworld, use MORPH to speak to the Dwelg, and then return to the world of the living. Talk to the guy in the house in southern Donmac to get the KATANA. That's the easy part. Here's the trick: now return to the Talon2, passing through the underworld. Speak to Masa twice and he'll uncurse the Murasmas sword, turning it into the Sword of Masmune, and he'll use CRYSTAL, KATANA, and EMBLEM to forge the Emeror Sword. You now have all four Mystic Swords, so return to the north and play in the Eastern Ruins. Note: the Xcalibr is the most powerful, followed by Masmue, then Emperor, and Durend is weakest. Also, the thing about the Mystic Swords is that they harm even enemies who are strong against damage.

Underwater City

Sent in by David Naber Jr. For this you will need the Dive and Float spells. Use the the float spell to get to the town of Elan (where Granny and Chronos live). To the North of Elan, there should be a bay. use the dive spell to go underwater. The city should be right in front of you. Also, to the right of Elan is a sunken ship with two chests inside.

Get a lot of experience points and money

Sent in by Brandon At the very first town there is a house in the back that has a chimney. You can go straight through it and find a computer. When you use it, it will start a battle. At the end of the battle you will receive a ton of experience points and money.

Secret room in Chaos Castle

Sent in by Randy Coenen In Chaos Castle, there are escalators in front of you. Take the only one going up at your left. While going up, hold right. You'll go into a secret room with a chest with a Elixer in it.

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Nick Joslin Level Up codes; Each of these codes cause a character you chose to go up a level each time you win a fight. Must be used at the start of a new game. FFA-878-E6A Character 1 (Hero Arthur) FFA-E78-E6A Character 2 (Boy Curtis) FFB-478-E6A Character 3 (Girl Gloria) FFB-A78-E6A Character 4 (Heroine Sharon) FFF-D08-E6A Makes the price of cure1 about 65,000+ gold FFF-D28-E6A Makes the price of cure2 about 65,000+ gold FFF-D48-E6E Makes the price of cure3 about 65,000+ gold Turn off the codes (using the code on/off button) then buy cure 1, 2 or 3 for the regular price than turn on the codes and sell cure 1, 2 or 3 for about 32,500+ gold. MAX out your gold by repeating. Each code points to an items store in a certain town. Replace XX with number from list. XX8-C68-E69 Item shop in Dharm, Present. XX8-D28-E6D Item shop in Elan, Past or Future. XX8-F08-E61 Item shop in Darius (1st town in PureLand)

Item list

White Magic Spells

00 Cure1 01 Shell 02 Aero 03 Spark 04 Cure2 05 Conf 06 Quake 07 Stone 08 Cure3 09 Fast 0A Weak 0B Heal 0C Life 0D Wall 0E Magma 0F White

Black Magic Spells

10 Ice1 11 Sleep 12 Fire 13 Venom 14 Lit1 15 Para 16 Ice2 17 Mute 18 Fire2 19 Erase 1A Lit2 1B Exit 1C Virus 1D Drain 1E Nuke 1F Fatal

Gray Magic Spells

20 Dive 21 Float 22 Pure 23 CureA 24 Flood 25 Morph 26 CureB 27 Wind 28 FireX 29 Cycle 2A Shake 2B LifeA 2C Exit2 2D LitX 2E LifeB 2F Flare


30 Long 31 Battle 32 Silver 33 Gold 34 Laser 35 PSI 36 Defence 37 Drain 38 Emperor 39 XCalibr 3A Durend 3B Masmune 3C Muramas 3D X-Plane 3E Dragon 3F Sun knives 40 Adamant 41 PSI


42 Iron 43 Gold


44 Rune 45 Tomhawk 46 Battle 47 Para Claws 48 CatClaw 49 Poison


4A Petrify 4B Battle


4C Gungnir 4D White


4E Thunder 4F X-Plane 50 Gold 51 Bronze 52 Fire 53 Fast 54 X-Fire 55 Wall


56 Razor 57 B-Jack 58 Blitz 59 Saw Boomrng 5A Boomrng 5B Ninja


5C Poison 5D Magnum 5E SMG 5F Laser 60 PSI 61 Fire


62 Punch 63 Kick 64 HeadBut 65 X-Kick 66 Smother 67 Kneebut 68 Jyudo 69 Karate


6A Long 6B Gold 6C Elven 6D Samurai


6E TearGas 6F Star 70 Nuke 71 TnT 72 Grenade 73 Napalm


74 ATM 75 Missile 76 Vulkan 77 Laser


78 Bronze 79 Silver 7A Gold 7B Speed 7C X-Plane 7D Dragon 7E Fire 7F Ice 80 Diamond 81 Mirror 82 Samuri 83 Aegis


84 Bronze 85 Silver 86 Gold 87 Leather 88 X-Plane 89 Dragon 8A Speed 8B Sandman 8C Diamond 8D Mirror

Body Armor

90 Leather 91 Bronze 92 Silver 93 Gold 94 PSI 95 Fur 96 Speed 97 Battle 98 Mage 99 Dragon 9A Diamond 9B Mirror 9C Wizard 9D Samurai 9E Power 9F Light


A0 Leather A1 Iron A2 Silver A3 Gold A4 Bronze A5 Dragon A6 Diamond A7 Mirror A8 Samurai A9 Power


AA Leather AB Iron AC Gold AD Bronze AE Speed AF Dragon B0 Geta B1 Diamond B2 Hecate B3 Hermes

Belt types

B4 Scarf B5 Ribbon B6 Bangle B7 Armlet B8 Belt B9 Pendant BA Plume BB Brooch BC Earring BD Shades BE Cool BF Warm


C0 Cure1 C1 Cure2 C2 Cure3 C3 Soft C4 Throat C5 EyeDrop C6 Antedote C7 Relax C8 Awake C9 Calm CA Elixir CB Tent D1 Magic

Robot Parts

CD HP CE Attack CF Defence D0 Speed


D2 Earth D3 Water D4 Fire D5 Dark D7 Light

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