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Castlevania: The Adventure

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets

Secret rooms
Hidden items

Secret rooms

Sent in by Tom V. 1up Loop: In Stage 1, there's a secret room with a 1up inside (climb a rope to the top of the screen and thru the ceiling). There's another one later on in the level. Collect both of these and kill yourself. Repeat to gain as many lives as you want. Stage 2: Beyond the long bridge with the eyeballs, you'll come across a stair that goes from the upper left to the lower right. Eyeballs will approach. Destroy one while it's on one of the middle steps to create a hole in the floor. Drop thru the hole. Stage 3: Just after escaping from the third set of spikes, you'll find a room where you're in a narrow passage on the left with nothing but a solid wall to your right. Climb the rope almost to the top, then jump off to the right and through the wall. Stage 4: In a room that seems empty, except for a large figure that throws boomerangs, climb the rope on the right about half way and jump off it back to the middle. You should land on an invisible floor. Follow this floor to the center of the screen and climb an invisible rope through the ceiling. Click here

Hidden items

Sent in by Vinson In the first level, do not whip the first ten candles. When you come the 11th candle, whip it to reveal a 1-Up. In the very first stage of this game, there is a hidden room. In the first stage, you must climb ropes to get through the level. The second to last rope, on the right-hand side of the screen, leads to a platform with a tree stump and 2 graves with crosses visible. If you climb up this rope above where it appears to end at a brick wall, you will climb into a hidden room with four power-ups.
Sent in by Steven C. On level 1 when you get to the 5th rope, go up through the wall to find a room with a 1up, a coin, a power up and a heart.

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