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Beat Mania GB

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Extra songs

Extra songs

Sent in by Greg Minder Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding songs: GENERATION Euro Beat WORLD Disco, Euro Beat ALLERGO Disco, Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat PASSION Disco, E.N.K., Bigbeat mix NOISY Disco, E.N.K., Euro beat ALTERNA Disco, E.N.K., Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat SILENT Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Bigbeat Mix MOONLIGHT Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Euro beat KOBEBEEF Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat Click here
RELAXATION Classic 3 e.n.k. REMIX Big beat mix FEVER Disco SENSE Disco, big beat mix VISUAL Eurobeat, big beat mix MOTHER E.n.k. disco Enter BEATMANIA, KONAMI, or KCEX to play Dj battle on Free Mode. If you enter "UUDDLRLRBAS" as your password, you can enable ALL of the songs. This is the Konami Code.

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