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Azure Dreams

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
Get the Dragon Kings Get the three Ancient Myths Darkewne's Class Keep Hykewne after a fusion Raise a monsters maximum HP Raise a monster's attack Use the Barong trick even more freely Get Ovaseeds very easily Reach the Basemen Floors Reach the floor in the sky Monsters tip Raise a monster's defense Capture two rare monsters Get a free phoenix egg Free kid egg Raise a monsters maximum MP

Get the Dragon Kings

Sent in by Deiyin To get the 3 dragon kings (Blith, Arkis, Thord) simply raise a Kid to a dragon at level 10 (you get one from the old man, can buy them at one point in the monster store, and can catch one with an Ovaseed in the top floors of the tower). Pay attention to it's class. Fuse it with any monster (except for Wumps....) as a FIRE type to get a Blith. Fuse it as a WIND type to get an Arkis, and fuse it as a WATER type to get a Thord. Use seeds (lumiseed, windseed, seaseed) to get them to the correct classes. These 3 dragons are some of the best familiars in the game.

Get the three Ancient Myths

Sent in by Deiyin To get the 3 mythological familiars (Yankash, Bahamut, and Leviath) you need to capture a Baram and fuse it with any fire type for the Bahamut, capture a Serpent and fuse it with a water type for a Leviath, and go up to the Floor of the Sky while the tower is in the wind season (make sure that you have Kewne with you, and at least one empty space in your inventory) to have a Yankash fly by and give you one of it's eggs. While it is a good idea to save Ovaseeds, give one to each of these monsters after you get them then re-hatch them. Their stats are a lot higher at Level 1 when you hatch them then they are around Level 10 if you simply fuse to get them.

Darkewne's Class

Sent in by Deiyin DarKewne is the only monster in the game that doesn't have a type when you first hatch it. Whenever you fuse it, it will take on the type of the monster that you fused it with, and so will it's attack magic, Darkling. A good way to fuse it is to fuse it with HyKewne, because then it will become a DarKewne with the Dark class (basically, a HyKewne) and then you can fuse it at will without it changing it's form or type. Click here

Keep Hykewne after a fusion

Sent in by Deiyin To keep a HyKewne from changing forms with a fusion simply give him a Levaseed. This "stops familiars from changing in next fusion", and after you fuse him, the "skill" is gone forever and you can fuse him with whoever you want.

Raise a monsters maximum HP

Sent in by Barry To raise a monster's maximum HP, feed or throw a Mediherb at it when it has full health and its maximum will go up by one. To raise a monster's maximum HP really fast, fuse it with a Napras- it's Hp will double!

Raise a monster's attack

Sent in by Barry To raise a monster's attack really fast, fuse it with an Arachnae. It's attack will double!!

Use the Barong trick even more freely

Sent in by Barry Here is a trick that will let you use the Barong trick even more freely. Once you have a Barong of your own, fuse it wit a cyclone. Now throwing things at it will only cost half of what it use to, and you can do t twice as many times.

Get Ovaseeds very easily

Sent in by Barry To get Ovaseeds very easily (they sell for 50,000 in the store) enter the tower and collect as many useless items as possible. Make your way up to the 16th floor (save on your way to it). This is the only floor where you can find a Barong on the Game Boy version. Keep looking until you find one. Put your monsters all on 2 or less so they don't kill it. Throw an item at it, and instead of inflicting damage or have an effect on the Barong, he will spit something back at you. If it is worthless, throw it back. Keep doing this until you get Ovaseeds, which literally let you pick and choose your next monster, and Mazaseed, Tovaseed, and so on. You can get any number of rare items this way. If Barong runs out of MP, throw an Ovaseed at it so you now have one of your own and can do this trick whenever you want.

Reach the Basemen Floors

Sent in by Barry To reach The Basemen Floors, you must make it up to the Floor In The Sky and talk to a strange voice. When you reenter the tower, on the first floor there will be a descender in addition to the elevator. If you have a Color Game Boy, they are distinguishable because the descender is blue, and the elevator is red. If you are playing on a regular Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket, the only way to tell them apart is that when you step on the descender it will say "Going down?" instead of "Going up?". Find the descender and say yes to enter the basement.

Reach the floor in the sky

Sent in by Barry To reach the floor in the sky, you need to beat the bosses on floor 29 and 30, then reenter the tower, with Kewne. Make your way up to floors 25 and 26 for some interesting advances in the story line. On floor 30, have Kewne step in the center of the throne that held the ultimate egg, and up you will go.

Monsters tip

Sent in by Barry Don't set a monsters all to three unless it is absolutely necessary as this will take up three MP every time you hit an enemy and in no time he will run out of MP. Put there all to 4 for best results. This way they won't go to sleep or underground without your permission.

Raise a monster's defense

Sent in by Barry To raise a monster's defense really fast, fuse it with an Alloer or a Metar. It's defense will double!!!

Capture two rare monsters

Sent in by Sean Rogan Throw Ovaseeds to capture the rare Guardians and Souvenirs. Hit them with the seeds to capture them.

Get a free phoenix egg

Sent in by Barry Here is a neat way to get a free phoenix egg. In the Floor In The Sky, Go behind the platform. You should see a phoenix fly by. It will turn and look at you. I'm not sure if you have to do this a certain number of times or if you have to beat Maisoul first, but if you come back and do this again, it will throw a phoenix egg at you.

Free kid egg

Sent in by Barry Here is a neat way to get a free kid egg (kid's evolve into the amazingly powerful Dragon monster). Talk to the old man outside the tower. He will tell you of three bells that were stolen by a souvenir that invaded the city. Now go into the tower. Whenever you fight a souvenir, make sure you have an open slot in your backpack for another item, and there is a good chance you will get one of the bells. When you return to the city the man will take the bell from you automatically. When you have given him the three bells, talk to him and he will give you a kid egg.

Raise a monsters maximum MP

Sent in by Barry To raise a monsters maximum MP, feed it a vit seed, Big vit, or a useless egg when it has full MP and its maximum will go up one. This may seem slow and time consuming but it really isn't. Your mom will give you a free vit seed if you talk to her before leaving the house, and now you can give all those useless cutesy eggs on the first few floors to a monster.

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