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Sent in by Jacob McCarter ANOTHER PLAN: Unlock 'Plan 2' sound BANGERS: Unlock 'Evil & Mini-Me' wallpaper CHRISTMAS: Unlock 'Flowers and Evil' screen saver DOCTOR: Unlock 'Evil Dr' sound DRIVING: Unlock 'Mini-Me Hands' wallpaper ELVIS: Unlock 'Springer Evil' wallpaper FOXY: Unlock 'Evil Look' wallpaper GRACE: Unlock 'Moving Logos' screen saver HUG: Unlock 'Hug' sound IVANA YUM: Unlock 'Evil CCTV' wallpaper MINI LAUGH: Unlock 'Mini-Me Hehe' sound OIL RING: Unlock 'Mini-Me in Space' wallpaper STEAM: Unlock 'Teething' wallpaper STICKUP: Unlock 'Evil Tears' wallpaper SUPERVISOR: Unlock 'The Boss' sound SWALLOW: Unlock 'Alpha-Dog' wallpaper TABLE: Unlock 'Table Problem' sound TASTY FEMBOT: Unlock 'Evil-Stein' wallpaper

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