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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Sent in by Matt Can you beat Culex at level 20 or less and do it with nothing equipped. No weapons, no armor, and no accessories. How far can you get in the game without ever equipping anything? Can you beat the game without saving it once? What is the most amount of damage you can inflict on any one enemy with a regular attack, using any weapon, armor or accessory that you want?
Sent in by Alex Can you beat Boshi without using a Yoshi Cookie?
Sent in by Rock Can you beat the game with no magic spells?
Sent in by Chase Danker In the Beetle Mania game can you get over 700,000 points?
Sent in by Joshua Shearer Try to get all your team members to level 18 before you get to the mushroom kingdom boss!
Sent in by Jason Paczkowski Try to get 50,000 points in the Beetle Mania game. After that, try to get 100,000 points. Using Mario's Super Jump, can you score 10 hits with your eyes closed and no sound? (Have someone nearby to count)
Sent in by Ditto1 How far can you go with out fighting anyone except for the enemies you are forces to fight?
Sent in by Devin Morgan Can you beat Smithy (the last boss) below level 20 and without the Lazy Shell weapon?
Sent in by Michael Staudt Can you beat Culex at a level lower than 20 while only wearing your original armor and weapons?
Sent in by Jason Schintgen Can you defeat Culex without the lazy shell?
Sent in by Mog Can you get 999 frog coins?
Sent in by Nikolai A. Krauchi Try to beat the game with Mallow and Princess Toadstool not getting any higher than level 14 for any of your characters, beating at least one of every enemy in the game, including the shy troops, and every boss in the game.
Sent in by Curtis Tamblyn Can you beat Culex below Level 17?
Sent in by Tyler Can you beat Culex in Level 14 (2 people) without the lazy shell armor?? Can you beat Smithy in Level 20 without the dream team??? Can you get to Level 30 before the hammer brothers without the game genie???
Sent in by Panther!!! Can you beat Exor without restoring health points?
Sent in by Mike Pellegrino Can you beat the 1st Smithy with no armor or accessories and only weapons?

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