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Super Mario Kart

In the 150cc cup can you... Pass the 150cc Special Cup while shrunk? Beat Mario Circut 1 in under a minute? Beat Vanallia Lake 2 in under a minute? Beat Vanallia Lake 1 in under a minute? Beat Rainbow road without falling off or bumping into a thawomp in Time Trial? Beat Ghost Valley in less than 1'14'00''? Get to race yourself on Rainbow Road?
Sent in by Kyle Wightman Can you make a computer driver hit his/her own item after he/she drops it (excluding Mario and Luigi)? Can you make 2 computer opponents spin out without using a star or lightning bolt?
Sent in by Bryant Berndt Can you make it in the 100cc Mushroom Cup with just Yoshi? Can you beat Rainbow Road with 1'54'79 or better? Can you win 50cc Mushroom Cup 30 times with Yoshi without failing?
Sent in by M. G. Can you get a perfect 45 on 150cc special cup shrunken without ranking out and without codes?
Sent in by Jason Payne With Donkey Kong, can you beat 1'38"90" on Rainbow Road without falling off or using any shortcuts.
Sent in by Joe In any Cup in 50cc when the other karts start wait until they are almost around the track once before you start. It makes it more challenging if you don't want to do 100cc or 150cc for a challenge!!
Sent in by Matt Johnson In Vanilla Lake 2, can you do a lap quicker than 0'11'54 without doing a code?

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