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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Sent in by Devin Morgan Can you beat Ganon with the following requirements: Green Mail, 13 Hearts, the Level 3 Sword, and without getting hit?
Sent in by Barry "The Wolf" Wolfenden Beat the game with all containers, all bottles, one with the good bee and the others with blue potion. The best sword, the best armor, no game overs, 50 bombs, 70 arrows and all items.
Sent in by Jason Can you beat the treasure box contest without the lens of truth?
Sent in by Herk Can you get to Ganon with the regular Master Sword, no extra armor, no extra heart pieces, no extra bombs or arrows, and no shield?
Sent in by Carlos Avelar Can you destroy the strange rabbits near the Desert of Mistery without hitting them with your sword or any other weapon? Can you stop the boomerang in the middle of the screen? Can you make appear a beam when Link grabs something? Can you defeat Agahnim only with the bug catching net? Can you put bombs in the air? Can you run to a tree and still running in front of it without hitting that tree?
Sent in by Bryce Grant Try beating the game with: Green armor, 2 bottles, no fairies and no red, green or blue potions.
Sent in by Raymond Almeda Can you defeat Ganon without getting hit once?
Sent in by Josh Try to beat Turtle Rock without any magic refills and use only the special sword spin tech.
Sent in by TK Beam How many bad guys can you stun at the same time with a boomerang, or hookshot?
Sent in by Panther!!! Can you defeat Ganon using the Green Armor, Blue Shield, the Lamp, instead of the Fire Rod, and no Fairies or Potions?

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