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Final Fantasy 3

Sent in by Big Nintendo Master Can you defeat Kefka with levels of 45?
Sent in by ZeroX Beat Kefka with all character's in IMP form without the imp halberd or titanium or tortaise shield etc.
Sent in by Spikey-haired Man How far can you get by running away from every battle possible? What's the lowest level you can beat the game? Can you beat the game without getting learning any magic, giving everyone their worst equipment possible, and give them the worst weapons and no relics? What is the lowest time you can beat the game while still getting all 14 characters?
Sent in by Cody Stevahn Have all of your characters at level 99 in 60 hours.
Sent in by KirbyX Can you beat the game (that means every single enemy, boss, and Kefka) with out equipping any espers?
Sent in by James Dulmage Try to beat the game, by using Sabin, Terra, Shadow and Gau. Equip only a Mirthal Blade on all of them and just Mirthal Armor, no shields or helmets. You can equip only the relic Sprint Shoes (I don't believe in walking so slow in the game). Put all the characters to Level 99 and have all the ice, fire and lit spells, no other one, except automatic ones like Terra automatically gets Cure, etc.
Sent in by Johnny Can you beat the game by having the Game Genie code AA2A-54D8 (no exp. after battle) on throught out the whole game?
Sent in by Michael Staudt Can you get to the world of ruin (or at least the floating continent) without ever changing your characters' weapons, armor and accessories?
Sent in by Yutz Can you beat the game without ever getting Strago, Relm, and Terra in the World of Ruin?
Sent in by Jimbo Can you beat the game without equipping anyone with any armor, unless you have to? (Moogles, Vicks and Wedge, Banon, etc.) HINT: You can use items, so keep a lot of Fenix downs and Life spells.
Sent in by Nicholas Forster In the Zone Eater level, (The level where you get Gogo) Try Deequiping the Sprint Shoes, and WALK through the moving wall area. Try putting the Game Genie code in to get no experience at the beginning of the game. See how far you can go. Try using no weapons in the game. Try to beat the game with only Edgar, Celes, and Setzer. Use ONLY magic for the whole game (Start after getting the first esper, and learn at least one attack spell.) Stock up on Ethers, Elixers, and other MP healing items, etc. OR the easy way to get spells: (Game Genie Required) Use the code 3037-54A6 to learn all the spells. (Use normal attack for one battle, but then only use magic.) Note I mean anything that has to do with MP. Strago's Lores count as Magic, etc.
Sent in by Cory Lovan Try to get every body equipped in your party with Illumina, Palidin Shield, Genji Helmet, Genji Armor or Snow muffler or Behemoth suit without using the glitch. All their Experience levels are 99. and their magic power is high.
Sent in by Mitchell Dorcas Can you beat the game without using a Pheonix fown or any life spells???
Sent in by Logan Hudson Can you beat Kefka with only Celes, Edgar, and Setzer?
Sent in by Alex Koenig When you are fighting the last battle of the game, can you get to the top and kill Kefka without one of your players dying?
Sent in by Gou Can you get to the WOR at level 18?
Sent in by Jim Hughes 3rd How many Energizers can you get in the game with out using a Game Genie?
Sent in by David Raley Jr. How far can you go into the game without using any spell at all?
Sent in by Eric Kang What is the fewest steps to Mog that you can take?
"Sent in" by Jesse Smith What is the fewest steps that you can take to get to Kefka at the very end of the game? What is the fewest steps that you can take to get every character up to level 99 in experience? What is the fewest steps that you can take to max out on gold?
Sent in by Raymond Almeda Can you beat Kefka at the end of the game by ONLY using ICE3? Can you beat the statue, and Kefka without using any kind of magic?" HINT: Use powerful weapons that do multiple damage. Also have plenty of items in stock ready to use. You will need plenty of cures!

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