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Chrono Trigger

Sent in by Magus Beat Lavos with out healing. Beat the 80 Silver Point game. Beat the 40 Silver Point game in 60 seconds.
Sent in by Steve Willis Try to kill Lavos at the very end without him reviving his little pod enemies.
Sent in by Michael Staudt After you beat the game, you will find New Game+. Start over. Now, once you have Marle, hang around for a bit until you hear that Lucca is ready. Go into the square, but don't talk to Lucca. Instead, go to the upper right pod and press A. You will take a secret warp to Lavos. Can you beat Lavos with only two characters? I have, but it is extremely difficult. Try leveling up your characters in your past game and make sure that they have awesome armor and weapons. If you are good enough to beat him, you will get the secret ending and a nice surprise.
Sent in by Drekenloka Can you get the Gold Fist for Ayla only using 2 New Game +s? Can you beat Johnny with your eyes closed? (I did, once.)
Sent in by Alex Soto Can you beat Heckran without using Magic with a team of only Crono, Marle, and Lucca?
Sent in by Ian Beat Lavos (the last boss) and finish the game. Then do game +. Go to the fair get Marle and all that stuff and visit Lucca's machine. When she asks you to try go to the sparkle which is actually a portal. It will transport you to Lavos. Can you beat the last boss with only Chrono?
Sent in by Justin Doyle Can you defeat Heckran without using any magic of tech-attacks? Which bosses can you defeat without using any magic attacks? Can you score 1271 points on the Speeder Bike Race Log?
Sent in by Endarire Can you beat the black omen (and the rest of the game) in 5 saves or less? Can you get the Lode Sword from the fair without stepping in the pod in under 2 hours?
Sent in by Chris Reilly Get Luminar before fighting Magus in the middle ages.

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