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Wario Land

Sent in by Chris Pinson MorningStar is a huge spiked knight in armor with a huge morning star (spiky ball on the end of a chain) that sits in the background and swings it at you (who are in the foreground). MorningStar has three attacks. Its first attack is to swing the morning star overhanded and smash it into the ground where you are standing. If you run, you can get out from under it before it lands. Its second attack is to swing it sidearmed, which will make a large arc, from the back to the foreground and to the back again. Its third attack is to swing it around rapidly in the background and throw it straight into the foreground. Immediately afterward, it snaps back into the background. To avoid its first attack, you must first run out from under it, then charge it, knocking it back into the background and hitting MorningStar, damaging him. To avoid its second attack, you can do nothing but jump over it when it comes into the foreground. To avoid its third attack, you must just run, avoiding it, and charge it when it is in the foreground, knocking it back into MorningStar, damaging him. After you hit MorningStar a few times, it starts doing the attacks faster and faster until it is destroyed and falls into a crumbled heap of armor, revealing that there was nothing inside.

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